Thursday, July 07, 2011

Doremi, miredo!

Music lessons for Jay. That’s right. Music Appreciation lessons, conducted by Yamaha Music School, to be exact. I’ve always been thinking about the kind of classes to send Jay to. Art classes – to give him room to expand his creativity… Speech & Drama classes – to give him greater confidence and linguistic ability… Swimming lessons – cos we do live in a small island, so swimming’s a pretty survival skill… Dance lessons – to let him have a greater sense of rhythm and balance… and of course music lessons!

Well, my friend Val (who’s my “partner-in-crime” in such matters, cos our sons are about the same age!) asked me to join a Music Appreciation class, that is tailored specifically for three-year-olds, and so we both enrolled in a term for our kids.


I didn’t know what to expect. Maybe a small room for the children and parents to sit around in, with some percussion instruments?

Certainly nothing like this…


It was a small classroom of 11 kids, but each kid had his/her electronic piano! (Of course, the keyboards were not switched on yet, lest it interrupts the lesson) But sitting behind that instrument sure gave the kids a lot of confidence!


Our sons totally got a kick out of hammering playing on that keyboard!


Even as the teacher went through some of the course materials, Jay remained pretty much captivated.



The lesson involved listening to some music, letting the kids visualise the music with colourful graphics, and letting them experience the tempo by asking the parents guide the kids to clap, sway and dance to the music.


Story-time was Jay’s fave part, and the teacher told a captivating tale of Honky the car, with background music and getting the kids to gesticulate along with her!


Erm, but as you can see… while the other kids would be swaying along or lifting their hands as the teacher instructed, Jay sat/stood stoically throughout, nary a hand gesture in sight! Full of concentration, this one.


All in all it was a pretty fulfilling morning! Looking forward to the next few weeks, where the kids will progress on to actually being able to play some songs tunes notes on the piano! Haha!

So many classes for Jay… and so little time (and money)! I will see how this pans out after a term.

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