Monday, July 11, 2011

Mickey, Minnie… and ME!

You’ve got to really hand it to the Disney folks. They sure know how to entertain!

Jay and I were invited to the Ahoy to Never Land fun day out at Sentosa.

IMG_3602 IMG_3604

Colourful cut-outs of Jay’s favourite Disney characters were around, giving ample photo opportunities to the trigger-happy parents! And unknowingly, Mummy has a quirky dress sense when it comes to Jay… Cheese… mice… geddit?

It was a bright and sunny day, and before the event started, Jay made himself comfortable on the sand. And started burying everything in sight. His toy figurine, Mummy’s toes, his legs.


Thankfully before Mummy got too sand-logged, the event kicked off!


Basically, the morning’s activities consisted of a Treasure Hunt with four stations to get the kiddos ready and inducted to be pirates.


Each station involved a different game, and we rushed off the the Special Agent Oso station first (psst, to non-parents out there, he’s the yellow bear on the top right hand corner of the map).


Three simple steps… load water gun, step up to the cone, and fire away at the three plastic bottles!

And the best part – after each station game, Jay accumulated more pirate gear!


Meet his new balloon parrot.

With the sun beating ferociously down, we trudged along and completed the remaining three stations! A simple maze, spelling simple words, and helping Jake the pirate repair his ship… it was fun!


At each station, his bounty was the green parrot balloon, a bandana, pirate tattoos… but the thing that won his heart…


His very own pirate-y eye patch.

He adored it so much, he kept wearing the patch the entire day!

Mickey and Minnie even made a special appearance, and everyone was pretty excited to take a photo with them!


Here’s our shot!


(Gives me fond memories of the last time I had a photo with Mickey – during my honeymoon at LA Disneyland…)

Kudos to the Disney team for inviting Jay and I, and for organizing such a fun morning. Hardly any waiting time at the stations, loads of smiley Disney helpers around, and a yummy reception at Wavehouse after the event. It was a perfect way to spend a Sunday morning, really.

We also heard the new Disney Junior music played so many times, Jay even started humming the tune and mouthing the words. I managed to catch a small snippet of it (before he wanted to see himself sing!).

Oh, and in case you haven’t heard, today (11 July) is the first day of the Disney Junior event! Check out the newest Disney offering, Jake and the Never Land Pirates at Starhub Channel 311 today!

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