Monday, July 04, 2011


I have a theory.

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus.

Well, I never said it was an original theory.

But once they get married, they migrate to Jupiter. With a whole different set of behaviour (late-night movies or supper or frivolous shopping trips for self? A thing of the past) and language!

If you are a parent, these words probably resonate with you too! Haha!


Like I said, a whole different language has evolved. We parents speak in code that only another parent can decipher.

Well, the voting for Singapore Blog Awards 2011 is officially closed, and this has been a pretty interesting ride thus far. Thanks for ALL who have supported me, via votes, retweets, Facebook likes etc. It has been an experience, I am looking forward to the ceremony on 23 July to meet the rest of the bloggers out there!

Oh, and the winners of the Kanten Clay Sets giveaways… The 2 lucky commenters are (drumroll please!):


Li Yun & Jessie!


(Psst! Li Yun, I’d need your mailing address, so please send me an email at

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