Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A ride down the river

We made our way to the Family Day Out Carnival at the Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade last weekend. The stalls, the crowds, the festivities… but… an urban myth that I have found to be oh-so-true in my life once again reared its ugly head. Mummynesia. After giving birth, my memory is a sad shadow of what it used to be. And I forgot my camera. And what a time to forget it. We took a ride on the Hippo River Cruise, and the view was absolutely scenic!

But Daddy’s iPhone 4 saved the day.

And since this was Mummy’s present to him for Father’s Day, technically it means Mummy saves the day. Woohoo! I guess this nullifies my boo-boo in the first place, eh?

photo (12)

A cheeky boy and a grumpy boy…

photo (8)

Jay trying out his zombie look. Boys. Sigh. Xav hasn’t lost the grumpy though.

photo (9)

While Jay had a very fun time in the sun…

photo (17)  photo (20)

My other boy… not so hot about the heat. He was the very picture of “Mummy I am tired. And hungry. And hot. And I can’t see no thing. GET ME OUT OF HERE!!! And into some air-conditioned comfort, pronto!”

Both kids were so exhausted, they promptly fell asleep almost immediately when we stepped into the cab to get back home.

And THAT is the proof of a morning well-spent!


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