Sunday, August 21, 2011

Brunching with the boys

Weekends are fabulous. And when coupled with precious time spent with the three men of my life, it is perfection. And when I read Daphne’s awesome post about The Tanglin Tree, I knew we had to also make a trip too!

First off, the food…


Ordered the Spag Bolo off the kids’ menu for Jay. He wiped off more than half (translated: thumbs up from him).


I ordered the Garlic Prawn Spaghetti. Juicy prawns!


Nic’s beer battered fish & chips. Passable, but he prefers the one from Wild About Wings.

But honestly, it’s not about the food.


It’s about leaving his slippers behind…


And going for a spin ‘round the outside playground!


He was trying to convince me to get into the playhouse with him, by telling me “the ceiling is so high, Mummy.” Thanks sweetheart. It’s not the ceiling I am concerned about. It’s the floor. *ahem*





In short… Jay adored this place! He climbed up, slid down, flying-foxed to and fro. In short, he had a whale of a time!

How about my other prince?


He wasn’t taking that well to the heat! But eventually he succumbed, and finally slept, allowing Mummy some time to sit back and sip some Coke…


While Bear-bear keeps a lookout for him.

Well, I guess it is only a matter of months before Xav will be running-stumbling after his brother. (My back is aching just at the thought. Sigh.)

Any suggestions for restaurants/cafes where there’s entertainment for the kiddos as well?

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