Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mine, mine, mine… and yours. A Child Label experience

A good Mummy blogger cum friend Daphne recently flexed her creative muscle, and came up with a product – Child Label, offering high quality vinyl waterproof designer name labels. And she very kindly offered to pass me some for Jay and Xav. You rock, girl. :)

First… to choose the design. Guaranteed to please both boys and girls, the designs are quirky, cute, bright and cheery! From designs of aliens to dinos to cars for the boys, to adorably pretty designs for your princesses, something for every kid for sure! I finally decided on the Dino design for my boys!


A very good option for parents which more than one kid would be the Split Name Packs – where you can have both kids names on that same design.


I showed these stickers to Jay who was overjoyed. He has a penchant for stickers, and you can imagine his joy at seeing these!


Okay… anyhow, here’s him at work!


He took out some of his recent buys – a couple of animal books, and decided to label them! I told him he could only label those things which were his. So he went “mine, mine, mine…” and happily labelled four books at a go!


He wanted to “help” his younger brother too…


and labelled his rocker.


In case you know… we ever wondered.

And before I could stop him, he decided to use up the entire sheet of name labels.


Thankfully I managed to keep the remaining two sticker packs for some “proper” use… but this sure is proof my boy loves the stickers too!

(P.S. the additional stickers were of course removed and re-stuck… and still held up very well!)

Well, thanks Daphne for the stickers, and I’d definitely recommend this as a good buy if you (like me) are always on the look out for quality stickers to differentiate your kid’s water bottles, books and so much more. ;)

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