Sunday, August 14, 2011

The world according to Jay

My son is only three. But he has strong views. Have you ever watched shows where kids shoot off their mouths offer wise and sagely views on everything from marriage to the world economy? In fact, I remember being amused and tickled by shows like Bill Cosby’s Kids Say the Darndest Things!

Till I became a mother myself.

There’re times I find myself chuckling at Jay’s humour, and am proud of the fine young man I am raising up. Other times, I feel like tearing my hair and throwing my hands up in frustration. And wonder where he picks up these phrases from. (Not me!)

For example, he has strong views on animals. And how lions eat “female meat”. And how he considers himself a “Daddy lion” after we watched the Lion King musical, seeing how brave and strong the lions were. And how he would tell me that “some lions like to eat ice-cream, you know.” Hmm… Nice try, baby. Nice try.

And ever since he has started school, he has also picked up phrases that have given me a double/triple/quadruple take!

  • “If you are naughty, I ask the policeman to catch you and throw you in jail. Let the lion eat you.” (Now, Grandpa is a retired police officer, so my family has never made such “threats” before…)
  • “I don’t care about you!” (Oh. My. Gosh.)
  • “I don’t want to talk to you.”

And when he wants to show his displeasure even more, he would reprimand us by frowning, “It’s NOT funny, Mummy!”

But my all-time favourite?

The lip-pout-and-distant stare whenever he doesn’t get his way. Silence is his way to show his displeasure. Classic. Haha!

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