Tuesday, August 30, 2011

We met Mister Maker!

One of Jay’s favourite programs is watching art programs on TV such as Art Attack, and of course, Mister Maker on the Cbeebies channel.


Jay & I got the opportunity to attend a workshop conducted by Mister Maker himself!


There were loads of parents and kids around, and we even saw some friends, Ed & Leonny. It takes a lot to be able to hold young kids’ attention for anything more than a minute, so when it was time for Mister Maker to take to the stage, I was wondering how long before my boy would get distracted! Haha!


But Mister Maker was so engaging, to my great surprise, Jay remained rooted at his seat throughout! (Yay for art!)



And with a handful of pipe cleaners, a puff-ball, googly eyes and a glue-stick… the whole process was short and sweet to create his own spider!


And the final product?


Our parting shot? A photo opp with Mister Maker himself too!


Jay had an awesome time, and I am considering sending him for art lessons. Any good schools to recommend?

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