Sunday, August 28, 2011

Five months ago…

My Xavier…


Just five months back, we first met. While you came three weeks earlier than expected, and threw a lot of Mummy’s work in a tailspin (and Mummy’s poor colleagues left to continue the juggling), you have made an indelible imprint into our lives.


And how he has grown. Into a cheery boy with a loud laugh that warms me to my toes.

He is such an angel. He sleeps by about 830 p.m. each night, and slept through the night (90% of the time, which to any parent is a miracle from God) by the time he was about 6 weeks old. Which also explains why I stopped my breastfeeding duty waaaaaay earlier as compared to Jay.  As a baby, Jay didn’t like the bottle at all. It would take a good half-hour to feed a wriggling, struggling, protesting Jay a mere 60 ml of milk (be it formula or expressed BM). Xav, on the totally opposite spectrum, took easily to the bottle, and “accepted” the milk, whether it was formula or breastmilk. He also accepted the pacifier, and whenever he was a tad fussy and struggling to sleep, it just took a few suckles of that pacifier for him to placate himself. Like I said. Angel.


My two princes. :)

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