Monday, September 12, 2011

Getting ready to WOW me!

I was genuinely surprised (and absolutely ecstatic) when the good folks at WowArt Studio contacted me. Sometimes wishing out loud (or in my case, blogging) has its high moments.

I was just whining thinking reflecting about the topic of art lessons for Jay. I mean, my exposure to the arts was pathetic horrid minimal to say the least. And of all the extra lessons I wanted to send Jay for, honestly art wasn’t that high on my list.

Till these two things happened within a week. First, this conversation when I discovered that apparently art-idiocy wasn’t hereditary after all. Secondly, when Jay spent 25 minutes fully focused on smearing a Smurf. 25 minutes!? That is practically the equivalent of a three-year meditation in a monastery or something. And so it was one of those moments you get an epiphany: Art classes for Jay.

And so WowArt has offered some free lessons for Jay! After my last experience with them, when he was just under 2.5 years old, I have a good impression (and a rocking fun time myself) of the Studio, so am so looking forward to his artistic masterpieces!

Will be sure to blog Jay’s lessons at WowArt.

Oh, and be sure to watch this space for some exciting plans coming up with WowArt for you & your kids! More to be revealed soon.

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