Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My art challenge

You know how it seldom rains but it pours?

I think I have this equivalent … in a familiar nemesis of mine. Namely, art.

Jay & I were recently invited to Art Improv, a media event by Art Bug - Centre of Visual Arts. I also had the opportunity to invite a few friends, and boy oh boy, I was so glad Ed and his adorable kids were also available to attend! (His art level is largely near mine. Haha! And you know how misery always loves company!) Also had the chance to meet June, after being her blog follower for a bit!

The ingredients of a fun weekend… are food, friends and loads of laughter! Oh, and having activities to occupy the little ones.

But then there was this…


Each adult was given 2 different-sized canvases, and our “homework” for the day…to do a top-down view of a plate of food. I mean, they tried to give us some inspiration by showing us some gorgeous food photos. But still, I had a huge mental block when it came to doing up MY canvas! Haha! It was a pretty relaxing atmosphere, so I also took some shots of my little artist at work.



If messiness is the yardstick of how much fun Jay had, this event would score a 12 out of 10 for him! He had such a blast! He painted, smeared, doodled, and generally made a fine mess of himself – he even had paint on his hair and face!

I, on the other hand, waddled slowly through… Here’re some more pictures of the day!


Check out the “Paint Pantry” for the adults to get gorgeous hues for our foods.


Oodles of paint for the kiddos too!


Jaelle, owner of the Art Bug, explaining the day’s event to us parents.


Fellow blogger & friend Edmund… trying to get inspiration too!


The story of my life (for that day)… a blank canvas and a blanker mind! Haha!


Progress! I decided to draw… erm… can you guess? ;)


By the time I drew that simple circle and triangle – Jay was already on his SECOND piece of painting. Talk about stress! :P


Ta-da! My masterpiece! (Psst… It’s supposed to be cake and ice-cream, in case it is that indecipherable…)


With our final masterpieces… me and my erm… cheeky boy!

All in all, it was a very fun Saturday afternoon! Who knew 3 hours could whizz past this fast when you’re having fun? In fact, Jay didn’t tire of doing art at all, and even insisted on colouring even when we reached home later that day!

Check out the video & more photos of the event by logging on to Art Bug’s Facebook page!

Thanks once again to Directions M&C and Art Bug for this lovely invite!

Also, June is running a special Art Bug giveaway on her blog. Hop on over to check it out!

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