Thursday, September 08, 2011

Not quite Masterchef material

I love the Masterchef series, and though I cannot cook rice to save my life (like, literally…), there’s nothing wrong with dreaming and imagining, ya know.

But with kids, it allows one to flex our culinary muscle.

I mean, that teeny-tiny  muscle between your thumb and your pointer finger. But still. Flexing it for all it’s worth, I tell you.

Probably because I stopped breastfeeding Xavier so earlier, I feel a bit guilty compelled to at least get him some good solids. And I have gone organic in introducing solids to him. I started him on solids from 4 months, with some Organix Four Grain Cereal (watered down with some formula milk), and Xav lapped it up.So I bought him a variety of cereals and baby rice!


Even his teething biscuits are organic.


I know… it borders on obsession. Or so the hubby says. And I’ve also started introducing vegetable purees to Xavier about 2 weeks back. As recommended, I’ve started on the “root” veggies like carrot, pumpkin and sweet potato.


And yes. Organic too. Check out the price. Never fails to give me a small cardiac. $2 for a stick of carrot?! Deep, deep sigh. Oh, the price of healthy living. Frozen organic sweet peas? $6 for a small teeny pack.


Broccoli is the only non-organic veggie so far. Mainly cos it costs $9 for a head of broccoli. I feel guilty but not THAT guilty.


Even bought the Avent steamer/blender at the last Motherhood Expo.


And ta-da! The final product – broccoli-carrot purees, made with half of head of broccoli and the full carrot. The other purees was with the remainder of the broccoli and the pumpkin. Total of 8 servings.

I make purees once in 2 weeks, and freeze the portions, and once I need to use them, will pop the frozen cups into the bottle warmer and mix them into the cereal. I know of friends who make these purees every day, and even though I have a domestic helper who can do this, it also means I need to grocery shop often, to make sure the veggies are nice and fresh. This way, I figure I can ensure the “freshness” of the purees.

And the final verditct?



Yes another pleased customer.

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