Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Back to the past… Pasar malam games, anyone?

Last Sunday, Nic's centre organized an old-style carnival at the void deck, for the residents living in the area, and he was pretty excited as his staff were the ones to bring this entire thing together – even creating some of the games from scratch! It was tailored to appeal especially to the older residents, which made up the main bulk of his estate.

I thought it’d be pretty educational for Jay to take a looksee at how his parents entertained ourselves in the days before the mighty iPad. Haha! Off we went then!

There were quite a number of stations, but this one caught Jay’s eye immediately – the fishing game!




He had a blast as he barked out his orders to me - “I want the octopus, Mummy. No, not the prawn – the OC-TO-PUS!” And swinging his fishing pole around, splashing water on me as I was struggling to catch those darned fishies.

Fun times. Haha! We played this game a few times, and Mummy gave up when it proved to be too much of a back-breaker.

There was even this awesome bingo-esque board, where you will roll the marble balls to accumulate points.


Daddy showed his chopstick skill to Jay, but attempting to pick up those round marbles! He must have had those uber slippery ones, as he was thoroughly thrashed by the old auntie beside. Hahaha!


Seeing the old folks really have a blast was oodles of fun, and I think it really made their Sunday! Bowling, five stones, horseshoe throwing…



There were smiles all around!

And what is a old style carnival without old-style snacks? Each try at the games stall offered snacks and small knick-knacks, and Jay amassed a pretty big pile of sweets – Halloween came early for him!

This was just a small portion of the snacks – Jay was happily snacking throughout his time there!


All in all it was a fun afternoon spent with our boy! He had tons of fun!

Thanks to June for introducing lovelinks to me… I had a fun time going around the other blogs too! Haha!

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