Friday, October 28, 2011

Of giant pots and chasing chickens

Going to Daddy’s work place is like taking a step back in time. Located at the Sin Ming Industrial Estate, it is home to loads of good, affordable food!

But food aside first, this was the highlight of Jay’s day.


Spot what made my boy so excited that he was running up and down this area?


Yes. You didn’t see wrong. Chicken! And there were a couple of them roaming freely around!


He spent a good five/ten minutes chasing these little chickens, and he had a BLAST!

Can you believe it? Free-roaming chickens in urban Singapore?

Nic says one of the residents raised a number of chicks, but once they outgrew his flat (which was pretty soon), he let them roam the estates. Like I said, this place is unlike any I’ve seen in Singapore! Haha!

We lunched at Blk 22 Sin Ming, which is such a long block of flats, that it boasts of not one, not two, but FOUR coffee shops, with a smattering of provisions shops, smaller eateries et al. Nic says by 12 noon on a typical weekday, this place is bursting at the seams and seats are hard to come by! So many good food stalls, and he is a huge fan of the duck rice, the fish head dishes, the zi char… But we decided to go with this stall.


Check out the HUGE pots! Or should I call them URNS? They sure look like urns, though I am not sure if that is the proper term for these huge cavernous pots… with heaps of awesome soups brewing in them. If you love soups, I think you’d adore this place.


As you can see from the signboard, this place has been featured in a number of magazines and newspapers too.


Our soups came in these mini-urns. They were scorching to the touch, so be careful! It kept the soup piping hot all through our meal, which I loved.


We ordered two types of soups – Ginseng Chicken (for me!) and the Si Shen Tang for Nic. I loved mine. I hated his. His was those typical traditional awfully bitter kind soups, but one that you KNOW is good for you by the very fact it tastes so horrid. I scooped out some and the moment I took a small sip, I poured the rest of the soup from my bowl into his. Hahaha! My ginseng chicken soup was more palatable (to me), and more importantly, not bitter. The chicken was wonderfully tender, and the meat literally just slipped off the bones.


Each pot even had its own bag of herbs, with all the herb-y goodness that went into the soup. Very impressive.


The rice dish – cooked with cabbage, mushroom and dried shrimp. Very traditionally yummy. I hardly finished half of the bowl, as the soup was filling enough to me!

Each pot of soup cost about $6-7, but judging by the quality of the soups, I think it is well-worth the money!

Check it out the next time you are in the Sin Ming Industrial Estate area.

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