Monday, October 31, 2011

First time to the chiropractor!

Thanks to Kirolounge, we were invited to their special Mission Day.

Aching backs and sore arms are probably the perils part-and-parcel of parenthood, especially with fat chubby bouncy babies like I have.



(Pst, picture above is Jay, and below is Xav – my 2 gorgeous princes.)

I seriously had to go to see a Chinese sinseh to cure a sprained thumb when Jay was a mere three-month-old babe. And since then, I have trained up my biceps considerably as well. Hahaha! But together with stronger arms comes a weaker and aching back.

And so Nic & I trooped over to Kirolounge.


It was their Mission Day, and they offered free adjustments to all, for a donation of $30, of which the entire proceeds will go to the Singapore Children’s Society & the Lotus Circle International (going towards helping the poor and needy).

I must admit, I almost chickened out.

I know I am a mother of two. But seriously, my threshold of pain is loooow, and the bed looked like some weird painful new-age contraption.


And so I told Nic I wanted to go first. Lest when I see what he goes through, I decide to back out. Nic was pretty expectant on what to expect though! Hahaha! But before we went on to the adjustment, Tiffany did a quick intro on Kirolounge, and what we can expect.



We were then introduced to Dr. Brian, who quickly put us me at ease by explaining how the adjustment would work, and promised a pain-free process.


I must say, it was a tad disconcerting to hear some bones crack. Haha! But the good doctor was true to his word – and there was no pain felt! Dr. Brian said my back was pretty okay (hurray!) though there are some “sore spots” in my shoulder area.

Then it was Nic’s turn!




What a fun first experience at the chiropractor!

We made another appointment in a week’s time, to go back for a more detailed analysis, so I’m looking forward to seeing what the doctor’ll say.

You can check out Kirolounge’s webpage for more information on them.

Address: 470 North Bridge Road, North Bridge Commercial Complex, #03-12
Tel: 6336 3738

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