Sunday, October 30, 2011

“I saw like-real dinosaurs!”

Courtesy of the good folks at the Singapore Science Centre, we were invited to visit the Science Centre for an afternoon of fun! After the last time where I flaunted my less-than-impressive science knowledge, I knew that the next time round, Daddy had to come along too. Thankfully he managed to get some time off, so off we went! Reaching the Science Centre, we were greeted with this sight…


… a HUGE dinosaur exhibit!


It was huge, and even moved and had sound effects. Rawrr… Boded well for the rest of the afternoon.

The afternoon’s agenda first involved a movie at the ever-awesome Omni-Theatre. It was their latest movie offering – Flying Monsters, where Sir David Attenborough brings us through the world of the pterosaurs and how they have grown and “evolved” over years. It proved a bit too “heavy” for Jay though, and the thing he enjoyed most was the breathtaking views of the flying lizards.

We then were invited for a 20-minute media preview of a new collaboration between Make*Believe & the Science Centre, and together with Joey, Jay wandered around the various exhibits.


But… the highlight was definitely getting our hands on this.


The Dinosaurs Live! show, which just opened at the Science Centre, and will continue till 26 February 2012. We saw dinosaurs of every size and shape, which moved and roared!


Jay even got his hands dirty, by learning how to dig on a “archaeological” dig site!


Well, he was burying more than digging, but anything that quietly occupies him for 15 minutes gets an A++ from me!


When we reached home, the first thing Jay excitedly exclaimed to our helper was…

“I just went Science Centre, and I saw like-real dinosaurs!”

And I think that pretty much sums it up!

Go to this webpage to find out more about the Dinosaurs Live! exhibit, such as the opening hours, and entry charges!

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BeanBean said...

It was a pity we couldn't make it, or we would have met you and Jay! Will prob pop down to see the dinosaurs with our friends next week.