Thursday, October 13, 2011

“Inflections” about raising up boys

We were introduced to a new word in church last week – Inflections. Or a combination of the words “Reflection” (looking at ourselves introspectively) & “Inspiration” (motivation to propel our lives forward and upwards). Entering in the last quarter of this year, it seems apt to also “take stock” and prepare for 2012.

It seems rather timely then, as I was just penning down my thoughts on parenting and balance just a few days back.

I didn’t grow up in a Christian family, and neither did hubby. In fact, we both first attended church when we were 19 years old. We even were in the same cell group (but that is a love story for another day… Haha!) But I’ve always thought kids of “our” generation, having Christian parents and growing up in a good church, would have it easier than we ourselves. I mean, growing up in church practically from Day 0, hearing and learning about God in Sunday school…

But that’s the catch: things will not just “happen”. I mean, deterioration always happens, but improvement takes effort. Loads and loads of effort.

Of course, there are bright moments. I had a conversation with Jay about 2 weeks back.

Me: “Do you enjoy going to church, Jay?”
Jay: “Yes!”
Me: “Why do you enjoy church?”
Jay: “Because it is my church. I love it.”

Awww… such answers make my toes curl! Such a sweet boy!

But then the next day he would tell me he doesn’t want to say his prayers before going to bed. Sigh.

So really, there are no easy answers on how to raise godly children. We do our best, and really trust God for wisdom as parents to lead, guide & teach the kids. But the most important thing is really to lead by example, and as Jay & Xav see their parents loving and serving God, I pray that it would instill all the right kind of values in them!

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