Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Tale of Magical Strawberries

Saturday was a parenting milestone for us… as we attended the very first production that Jayvon did!

The K1 class of Little Big came up with an original story (that was rib-tickling in its humour and take of the “traditional” fairy-tale!) and for the school’s 2nd Anniversary, the students all put up a stellar performance.

To give the children the chance to experience a production, tickets were even sold, and this program booklet amazingly designed and given out to each attendee.


Gathered at Grid MMS, at *Scape Orchard, the anticipation of the parents, grandparents and siblings was evident as we waited for the kids to enter the hall!



And when the play started, we were all won over… by the sheer adorable-ness and showmanship (or lack thereof) and UN-self-consciousness of our little ones!




And how about Jayvon?

Well, the school has TOTALLY made my boy’s day, by casting him as one of his favourite things in the whole wide world. Meet my little lion!


And in his scene, he did extraordinarily well. Hahaha! (Yes, this is just parental pride speaking… but he was unfazed in his performance even when it seemed to all “crumble” and break out into general pandemonium around)

Check out the video I took of his scene… see if you can spot his ROAR in the beginning (If you know my boy, he has always fancied himself to be a Daddy Lion, so he has been “practising” for this scene for maaaaany, many months!

Gosh, they grow up so fast! In less than 2 years’ time, Xav will be joining his brother in the pre-school, so I am looking forward to more interesting productions, and fun days ahead!

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Madeline said...

He's a great lion! He must be so happy.