Monday, October 17, 2011

Leaf Painting


Following Jay’s first lesson at WOWArt, he went again and took his artwork from the previous week home – Leaf Painting!


I thought it was pretty cool that the teachers would get the students to sign off on their artwork – so this is Jay’s version of his name, the flipped “J” notwithstanding. But this is his first time ever writing his name, so yippee for that!



I enjoy the classroom setting. I think there is something casually, messily and naturally artistic about how the used tools are laid, and the table is splattered with paint, crayon, ink and whatnot!


While leaf painting seemed simple, I liked the idea that the lessons had a common theme – because last week’s lesson was painting of a tree. Kudos to the teachers for being able to hold the attention of my normally cheeky jumpy boy!

Never thought I’d be sending him to Art classes – cos both Nic & I are hardly artistic people ourselves… Haha!

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