Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The running page boy

Jay was invited by Mel & Cindy to be their page boy for their church wedding – his very first invite to do so. And so you know (1) that Mel & Cindy are obviously our good friends for loving our kids so much and (2) how brave they are to invite my little Lion to walk down the aisle before them.

But see, Nic & I really took it seriously. We had long talks with Jay, and even brought him down for the wedding rehearsal so he would know how the walk would be.

I mean… walk down the aisle slowly, holding a bear.

Not tough, right?

So we thought.

It took a mix of cajoling (Uncle Melvin’s gonna buy you a huuuuuuge toy after this ya know!) and serious talking-to (This is Uncle Melvin & Aunty Cindy’s BIG DAY. Do your best for them, ok?) and the hint of a threat (Just cos you’re the page boy doesn’t mean you can play the fool. The Mr. Cane rule still works.)

During the rehearsals, it went seemingly well.


Plus he looked so dapper in his suit and oversized red bow tie.


Here’s my cheeky fellow with our good friend Uncle Johnson…

I wanted to whip out my camera to see him walking down.

But maybe it was good I didn’t have my camera.

Cos there was one teensy-weensy detail they forgot to tell us.

That as the page boys and flower girls were walking down, they would be blowing pretty pretty soap bubbles.

And boy oh boy, the bubbles were pretty!

And pretty tempting to my almost-four-year old. I think there is a part in 4-year-old little boys that when faced with bubbles, all inhibitions (in facing a 500-people crowd) and instructions (from Mummy & Daddy) fade and his base instincts kick in. And so instead of smiling and walking down while holding the  bear, he started half-squealing in enjoyment as he jumped and SWUNG the bear, trying to burst the above-mentioned pretty bubbles.

Well, he made it to the end of the aisle. Overtaking the flower girl who was ahead. Bubbles in his brain.

Hahaha… Suffice to say, we are still good friends, though lesson for all would-be wedding couples: When getting page boys and flower girls that are younger, please brief the parents before the use of such devices like bubble blowers and such items.

Oh, and the brave couple? Had the most awesome-est wedding I attended in a long while. I’ve known Melvin for too long, and seeing him finally get hitched to the sweetest girl… I am so proud and happy for the both of them!

But there’s an even braver couple. Sean & Jasmine, who despite my recount of Jay’s first page boy attempt, are STILL willing to have him as their page boy next month! Hahaha! They promise no bubbles, and I promised to rein in my little lion more too! Haha!

UPDATE (24 Oct):

I couldn’t resist posting up these gorgeous photographs taken by one of the most talented wedding photographers I know! I told Narmit I’d want him to take my family shots (once Xav turns 1) so I can’t wait till next March! :)

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