Monday, October 24, 2011

Onward to the jungle! (Or… Amazonia rather)

I have finally reached some kind of toddler-nirvana.

When I now bring Jay to an indoor playground… he can happily play and enjoy. All. By. Himself. Yes, life is good (at least till Xav grows up, and needs me to exercise my dexterity or lack thereof and contort my body up and down those darned playgrounds). But till then, I am basking in my glass of coke as I smilingly look on as Jay goes round and round and up and down at the indoor playground.

And his latest love – Amazonia. I first read about it here, and then here, and honestly I was so excited to go! Last Monday, I scooped Jay out of school early, dumped left Xav with my mom, and trooped off to Great World City, with another close friend and her son!


This huge slide is Amazonia’s biggest draw. It was THE biggest indoor slide I’ve ever seen. And certainly right up Jay’s alley! He must have whizzed down more than 20 times!


Probably the jungle theme was very appealing to my animal-loving son, and he was enthusiastic over all the animals he spotted there! He was trying to get into this hippo’s mouth! Haha!


He also spent some time in this toddler’s play area, happily immersing himself in the ball pit!


I decided to climb up with Jay to take more shots. I’ve been up some pretty squeezy playgrounds, and at least I could find spots where I could actually stand up straight instead of being in a Quasimodo pose the entire journey. Haha!




Amazonia can be found at…

Address: Great World City #03-08
Opening Hours: Mon to Sun, 10am to 10pm
Charges: $20 for 2 hours (kids below 3) & $30 for 2 hours (for kids above 3). Adults enter free!
Special promotion: Unlimited play (at same entry charges) after 5PM on Mondays to Thursdays! (I doubt my son can really last more than 2 hours, but hey, at least I wouldn’t have to keep my eye on the clock to make sure we do not exceed the 2 hours limit! Haha!)

Quick tip: Don’t forget your socks! Not just for the kiddos, but yourself too – as socks cost a staggering $5/pair here.

All in all… Jay can’t wait for his next trip to Amazonia!

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