Monday, October 03, 2011

WOWed by ART

image Thanks to the good people at WOWArt Studios, Jayvon got the opportunity to explore his artistic and creativity, and possibly create some Picasso-worthy art pieces.

Or well… at least have some fun in the process! Haha!

It was Jay’s second time at the Studio, and the first time was more than a year back! That was a pretty cool experience, as both parents and kid did the same art-work – though we were kept in separate rooms! You can read about that time here.

Once again, entering the cheery Studio, we were greeted by the colourful displays of the art pieces done by the students, proudly hung on the walls or displayed on the shelves. So pretty!



But nothing fazes my cheeky little boy. Not even a new environment. Haha!


Dressed on his bright yellow gown, he soon got down to business. Making a mess. Getting his hands dirty. In other words… he had a FUN time! Haha!



There were two teachers assisting in the class, tending to the students and ensuring, well, that some semblance of sanity remains in the room, I guess! Haha!

Looking forward to future classes!

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