Sunday, November 13, 2011

Colbar - off the beaten track

Nic first went to Colbar months back, with his church friends, and has been raving about this place to me. Oh the good food, the wide variety of beer, the relaxed atmosphere, the beer… and did I mention the beer? Haha!

I’m not a beer-drinker. Never could stomach that bitter taste! But hey, since it was our wedding anniversary, I figured what better day to let Nic enjoy a good meal?

A bungalow. Located off the beaten track. Cement floors. Ceiling fans. Mismatched tables with various plastic chairs.

And yet there is that certain charm to the place. Kampung charm.



And we reached early, so managed to snag a table, and by the time it was just past 7 p.m., the place was really getting full. Expats, locals, the old, the young, the wanna-be-young. Quite a large demography of people in the place.


Nic loves the wide selection of beer, and  while this bottle was a random choice out of the fridge, he loved it!

Food-wise while it didn’t sing, it was good, hearty, home-cooked fair!


We ordered the Chicken Curry. Curry reminded me a little of japanese curry (with the tinge of sweetness). Tender chicken!


Hainanese pork chops! Loved-loved-loved this dish. If you make your way here, don’t forget to try this. The deep fried pork chop retained its juiciness. And the bits of deep-fried potato hit the spot! Comfort food for me!


Nic also ordered the Marmite Sandwich – his childhood favourite! I am not particularly partial to the saltiness of Marmite, so I wouldn’t say this is my favourite thing, but well… Nic loved it!

Non-airconditioned place. And I never thought I could say this of any alfresco dining area in humid Singapore, but it was a cooling dinner!

Tip if you plan to eat there: They don’t accept reservations, so make sure you reach by 6.45 latest to book your seat!

Colbar (short for Colonial Bar)
9A Whitchurch Road, Wessex Estate

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