Saturday, November 26, 2011

Blog paused

It’s probably been the longest since my last blog entry, and boy – as much as I’ve missed BLOGging, I’ve also been so BOGged down with work, work and as cliched as it sounds… more work!

I am now typing this from the sunny Batam – in two back-to-back Retreats.While I’d ordinarily be happy at the chance to not work, and bask in the sun, the truth is that with me being on the working committee of both Retreats, it means a whole lotta hard work, and non-sun-basking! Hahaha!

Well, I will be back on Sunday, and I look forward to seeing my little baby boy who’s now (hopefully) in the very good hands of my mother. May his good sleeping habits be untainted, and his behaviour not TOO spoilt! Haha!

See you guys soon as well!

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