Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 in review… through my blog posts!

I’ve always said blogging is a way for me to pen down memories, and hopefully once Jay & Xav get a bit older, they can have a laugh at the entries, and also realise what a blessed childhood they have had! Haha…


January 2011
We went for a family vacation to Bali, Indonesia, and spent half a week in this gorgeous island! And after that, we celebrated Jay’s third birthday… and started thinking and preparing about Xav’s impending arrival! What an exciting month that was! Haha…

February 2011
As Jay entered into his third year, he soon exhibited his streak of well, boyish stubborness behaviour. By going through a very disagreeable stage. Oh, that was a tough period. Which basically lasted through the whole year, but tapered off with the help of our trusty Mr. Cane, and also because he soon could understand some reasoning. Some. One has to manage one’s expectations when it comes to a toddler.

March 2011
We watched The Lion King! Yes, even Jay! It was wonderful! Definitely a highlight of my entire year! Apart from making those final ounces of preparation for my new little prince, it was also a period of “turmoil” as my domestic helper bid her final farewell to us, and we welcomed a new person to our household.

April 2011
I popped. And then I was confined. In one of the balmiest months of the year. *shudder!* But with the addition of my new little one, it was time for Daddy & Mummy to also talk to our own “house rules”… Haha!

May 2011
May was the month of the Singapore General Elections. Having just come out of my confinement, I was still kept in the loop about the “goings-on”, and I recall numerous heated and worked up talks and arguments and what-nots both online and in the coffeeshops amongst friends and foes and Singaporeans alike. Here was my very subtle contribution to this whole furore… Haha! Oh, and May was the beginning of another milestone… Jay’s first dinosaur toy, before he began his whole obsession with these prehistoric animals.

June 2011
The month of June saw a couple of outings, to the Science Centre, the Bird Park and even a ride down the Singapore River! Oh, it was also the month I was nominated as a Top 10 Finalist in the Best Family Blog category in the Singapore Blog Awards. Didn’t win, but it was sure a fun ride, and I got to know other Parent Bloggers like Maryann, Kelvin, Yvonne & Corsage. A fellow blogger I met once commented that mummy (and I’m sure he meant daddy too) bloggers are very powerful since we appeal to a very specific crowd of people. True, because we also can “see” the light in our own situations by reading other parent bloggers!

July 2011
I muse a bit about disciplinary actions… balance is always the key. While we are stern with Jay (and Xav in the near future), we also make sure we bring them out for truck loads of FUN! In July, courtesy of Disney Junior, we were transported to Never Land for a morning of fun.

August 2011
More antics by my funny little boy that cracked me up, but August was such a busy month for me, work-wise, we hardly went anywhere, save for a brunch at the now-defunct Tanglin Tree! Sad to see that place go, but at least we managed to squeeze in a visit before it breathed its last.

September 2011
image This month, Jay introduced Blackie Smurf to the world. Erm, at least to my blogosphere. Couldn’t resist re-posting Blackie here… He now has a place of “honour” at the top of Jay’s toy cabinet! Haha!

His very own creation, of which I am super proud of him!

Probably why I started sending him for more art classes this month – courtesy of the Art Bug and WOWArt Studios!




October 2011
Jay’s first attempt at being a page boy, and I am still tickled whenever I think of how he went down the aisle. Or to be exact, jumped up and down as he went down the aisle.

November 2011
As Xav gets older, it also means more opportunities for “equal” playtime with Jay. By equal I mean times for play where Jay has a lower risk of accidentally hurting his younger brother. Or crushing him. And when Xav finally sprouted some teeth, it meant more opportunity to share food.

December 2011
And before I could hardly catch my breath, in the blink of an eye, 2012 is a few hours away, and I can only whine reminisce about where my 2011 went to!

Now, in the last few hours of this year, here’s wishing you an AWESOME 2012 ahead. I feel it in my bones, and trust & pray for a good year ahead. 2011 had its challenges, especially because I had to juggle two kids and a full-time job… but at least now that both my kids are getting older, I think (hope/pray) that 2012 will be a smoother ride ahead! :) For the New Year, I pray for:

  • Good health for my kids, and Nic and myself… and all our extended family & loved ones
  • Strong & loving relationship amongst my 2 boys
  • Wisdom on Nic & I to balance and handle the 2 kids well… training them to be godly boy and later men of God
  • To do and achieve more in our own individual careers
  • More time spent with friends and family!

What’s your New Year wish?

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