Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The magical 4

4 years of age, I mean.


My adorably cheeky little boy. Is going to be four years old. In less than a month’s time. And I don’t know about you, there’s something super adorable about an almost-four-year-old sprouting words like “brachiosaurus,” “stegosaurus” and “ankylosaurus” – cracks me up!


And with his birthday falling on Jan 23, which also happens to be the Day 1 of Chinese New Year, it means… I’ve got to start on his birthday party planning soon!

I asked him what kind of birthday cake he’d like, but each time, I get either one of the answers. He either wants a pirate birthday party or a dinosaur one. Pirates? Dinosaurs? Pirates? Or how about Pirates AND Dinosaurs??!? (Jokin’! That’d be tooooo hard!) He can’t decide cos he loves both! Haha!

So I’ve started to look at some cakes, casually browsing through the online cake designs.

Should we get an Ice-cream cake? (A sure hit with the kiddos, though the design would probably not match the theme)

Or maybe cupcakes?! I, oops I mean, Jay loves the cupcakes from Twelve Cupcakes. The Chocolate Chocolate flavour will be a sure hit – especially with him! And customization of a fondant cut-out is pretty affordable, so whichever theme I want to go with should be do-able.

Or another 3D cake? Like how we did it for his safari theme last year. Only dinos or pirates this time round.


Oh decisions, decisions, decisions!

And I haven’t considered the party favors.

And all this for just his school bash! Family & friends wise… I really haven’t thought it through.

Well, a couple more days to try to discuss with my little birthday boy, and hopefully come up with some answers!

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