Monday, December 26, 2011

My Christmas week has begun!

Very often, my Christmas only begins when, well, it ends. After December 25, to be exact. There are so many things I'd THINK about doing pre-Christmas. Like getting a new hair-do, gel manicures, clothes shopping... And more often than not, I'd be too hard-pressed for time to actually get it done before the 25th.

Which explains why I am only doing my hair on December 26.

As in, right now.

At this moment.

In the hair salon.

Which my hair wrapped in shiny aluminum foil. And painted. Not a pretty picture. Which is why I am not putting any! Hahaha...

Audrey, my hairstylist, has been cutting, snipping, coloring, bleaching, highlighting my hair for, well, ever, it seems! I was first introduced to her by a good friend, Siang, and back in the day, she operated out of her house, where she converted her living room and had 2 chairs. Then the 2 chairs became 4... Then 6... And she converted yet another room. And moved to a "proper" location at POMO centre, and now, a second outlet at Far East Plaza!

And I adore her. For her cut, her ability to bring my lackluster locks to life, and giving me a heart attack, I mean, surprise each time.

A wise Pastor once commented... That when you find that good hairstylist, to not let him or her get away. And I have surely found mine in Audrey!

I even let her snip off my long hair!

THAT is how much I love her, man!

Well, I was (am) bored, but time to get off blogging and fully enjoy my hair experience. See you guys with my new 'do soon!

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