Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Disney Junior idea for your CNY

Chinese New Year’s coming! And this is one of my favourite holidays… cos I hardly do any visitation, so it is a time for some R&R, lounging with the family in front of the TV, and deliciously sinful goodies. I can never resist a juicy mandarin orange or pineapple tarts or love letters…

But once you are married, CNY takes on a whole new dimension… that of the tradition of “ang pow” (or red packet) giving! But… it is more blessed to give than to receive. So since last year was a year of soooo many weddings (about five just in my own cell group alone), this is a chance for my friends to experience this wonderful blessing. ;)

Oh, but I digress.

Let me introduce Disney Junior For Grown Ups. A solution for you who need some ideas for CNY decor to bring a little pizzazz to your home and celebrations! Check out their latest website for some awesome ideas (and step-by-step instructions) on how to …

… Create your own Mickey Mouse red packets


… making your own hanging mobiles


… and even a bag to hold the oranges! (Talk about co-ordinating your theme… these would look so adorable!)


… and even creating your very own lo-hei, the Prosperity Dragon!


You can check out the Disney Junior Asia website for more craft ideas & recipes to spice up your CNY! :)

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