Monday, January 09, 2012

Indoor playground (plus the 2nd giveaway!)

I love to bring Jay to indoor playgrounds.

I mean, a confined area where he can use up his energy and have oodles of fun while I can relax and sip coke at the same time? Win-WIN situation, I tell ya! The moment we step into Polliwogs or Amazonia, it’s a shriek, a shout, and flurry of activity as he scrambles in to have fun, leaving his poor ol’ Mommy no choice but to play games on my iPad while occasionally flinging a glance to make sure he is neither trampled not the trampler.

And it took a while before Jay could go and run wild in the playground by himself. Relieving me of the need of contort my body through a playground not meant for anyone above 1.5metres.

So you see, training for my little one starts early too.


I present… my makeshift indoor playground. Perfect for a little tod who can’t really go anywhere.




It entertained him for about… 3 minutes.

But then something else distracted him from wanting out of the ball pit.


Yes. Jay’s brachiosaurus.

As big a hit with Jay as it is with Xav.



Oh… and the winner’s for the first Birthday Giveaway been chosen… Congratulations to KLESSIS! :) I hope you enjoy the Isetan voucher for some nice stuff for your girls (or of cos, you :P)

And now, it’s also time for the next giveaway…

I put a lot some thought, and it must be my frequent movie outings now that GV Katong is up and running… so it is apt, that the next giveaway is for:

A pair of GV Tickets! :)

3 simple steps to win this voucher:

1) “Like” the SANses blog Facebook page.

2) Re-post this giveaway (you can retweet it if you like)

3) Leave a comment once you’ve done it!

I will mail out the voucher, so you’d need to have a valid Singapore mailing address. :)

Simple, eh? You have till this Saturday, Jan 14, 2359 hours to enter, and I will draw a number out of a hat or something to choose the winner!

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