Monday, January 30, 2012

Two is better than one

And in a blinking of an eye, the long Chinese New Year holidays are gone, but boy it was such a fun and yet VERY exhausting time with the two boys.





And yes, my name is Sandra and I am a tad obsessed with buying Jay & Xav matching clothes! (& pyjamas… but that’s a whole different support group, methinks. LOL!)

At 10 months, Xav can do a mean leopard crawl but prefers to stand, loves to bite on fingers (his own, his brother’s, his parents… anything goes. He is easy that way), loves to snack on his Gerber’s stars (or anything that Mummy is munching on), and adores his older brother. Any silly noise Jay makes breaks Xav up into peals of laughter. At 4 years, Jay can talk. And talk. And talk. He has a wildly vivid imagination, and his love for dinosaurs has spread to Xav… who now adorably growls “aaaaahhhhh…… aaaaahhhhhh….” at the dinos himself.

The disciplining has also begun for my littlest one. But seriously, it is pretty hard to be stern, the moment he turns his Puss-in-Boots stare at you, grandmas and mummies alike turn to putty. The force is strong with this one.


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