Saturday, January 21, 2012

Jay’s Dinosaur Bash

A good birthday party is made up of two very important ingredients.

A yummy birthday cake. And a party pack.

And to tie it all together… to have a theme. The one theme that binds it all.

The theme took Jay a while to decide. I was all for a Jake & the Neverland Pirates theme! And Jay was agreeable, till he decided a Dinosaur theme would be better. Ah well, the “boss” has decided, so us “minions” had to work a way around it.

Firstly, the cake.

I decided to get some customised cupcakes from one of my favourite shops – Twelve Cupcakes. I requested for dinosaur fondants, and it sure was a good decision!



It looked so yummy! Which probably explained why the kids swarmed to the party table once I arrived at the school with the bright pink boxes! “I want this one!” “I want this one!” … the kids all laying claim on “their” cupcakes!


And… the party packs!

party pack

I tried to get as much dinosaur-related party favors as I could muster! And placed all these (and much more!) into a dino party bag!

One of Jay’s classmates even asked me, “Are there party packs?” and looked ecstatic when I told her there would be!

Here’s a video of Jay’s classmates singing the birthday song to him! Compared to last year (where he was sulking and whining the entire time, he was basking in the attention this time!)

Happy 4th birthday to my little prince! :)

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