Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Amazing Race at Greenwich V

It’s been some time since I participated in an Amazing Race-esque  kind of competition, and usually I find myself in the organizer’s shoes. But this time, I joined 14 other bloggers to participate at the Greenwich V Experience, which basically involved us running around the mall, and eating, posing, and finding out about what this new mall holds.

It was such a fun time!

I was placed in the Lifestyle team, and our team of 5 was made up of parent bloggers. And guess what, we brought our little ones along for this challenge. I brought ONE little one (which was more than enough for me), but other braver bloggers brought their entire tribe along. So from 5 of us, here’s our ENTIRE team.

(Thanks Alvin for this pic!)

Oh, and if you’re wondering – our team colour is RED, but unfortunately, before we left the house, Xavier was happily snoozing in the room and I decided letting Jay wear a recently-ironed-but-in-the-wrong-colour top beat waking my sleeping prince. Cough. Judge me not, please. Hahaha!


Greenwich V is a new mall at Seletar Hills, and a unique feature is that this mall boasts of shops like perennial favourites like Old Chang Kee, Toast Box, Mai Thai, Home-Fix and more, all set in a outdoor venue, with loads of water features that will be sure to entertain the small ones (I know Jay could hardly keep his hands to himself!)

To kick-start the whole event, we were treated to lunch at Empire State. It was yummy!


After filling our tummies to the brim, we then got down to the proper business of the day! The Race itself!

Our team of 5 (okay 17, if you include the kids & spouses!) did phenomenal, and we breezed through the stations. Some of it required us to EAT. And the extra mouths sure helped to wolf down the yummy food! Altogether we went to 10 different shops!


Yummy & healthy yoghurt at Berrylite (Jay loved the Mint flavour SO much, he insisted on lugging the entire tub for the next 3 stations)

Some of the other stations we went included Cedele’s…


and Paradise Inn!


You can view the rest of the photos and stations here.

It was a great time to meet other parent bloggers, and for our kids to hang out (and feast)!

Oh, and the most amazing thing about this amazing race? We managed to snag second place! Haha! Meet the rest of the team… Klessis, Andy, Phoebe & Paul!

If you live in the area, check out Greenwich V for your amazing experience as well.

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