Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Greenwich V Experience (Part Deux)

I hope you enjoyed reading about my Amazing Race event at Greenwich V. These are the 2 shops that left a big impression on me!

Empire State Restaurant


I loved this cosy restaurant, with its bright red leather sofas and cutesy wallpaper!

But hey, one hardly goes to a restaurant for its wallpaper. The chow is the main draw. And for this, Empire State scores big in my book too!


The Giant Burger was a huge hit with both the adults and the children! Check out Jay’s very excited face! Haha!


The fries was light and fluffy, and our table was the only one to finish all the fries – a feat accomplished only because of the non-calorie-counting children that were in our team! Haha!



We then sampled their pizza, and the sweet teriyaki chick pizza was divine! Yet another dish totally polished off!


Oh, and just when we were feebly protesting our carbo-filled tummies, the gorgeous meatbal spaghetti was wheeled out… and completely finished as well! Hahaha! The tangy tomato sauce and juicy huge meatball was too yummy to resist!

And so maybe it was apt that our first stop in the Race was Berrylite, which offered 100% FAT FREE yoghurt.




The kids were waiting (im)patiently for the goodies to be doled out!


And boy oh boy, we had a chance to savour all of the flavours!


I pointed out the mint flavour to Jay, and he soon “claimed” that for himself. Solely.


Yummy and healthy? SCORE! :)

Greenwich V
1 Seletar Road, Singapore 807011

There are also shuttle bus services available so do check it out at their website:

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