Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Earth – our Untamed Planet

Courtesy of the Science Centre, Jay & I were invited to the brand new permanent exhibit that will be in the Singapore Science Centre, named Earth – our Untamed Planet. The Science Centre has a special place in Jay’s heart, as it was here that he first discovered the wonderful world of dinosaurs! In fact, he now goes around proclaiming his ambition when he grows up is to be a palaeontologist! Haha!

When we reached the Science Centre, we were first treated to a special media briefing to introduce this exhibition, a collaboration between the Science Centre & the Earth Observatory of Singapore.


Built from scratch, this exhibit aims to bring visitors on an informative and interactive tour of the earth’s natural forces of destruction, so you can expect to learn about volcanoes, earthquakes, tsumanis and more!

But words and powerpoint can only do so much, and it was time for us to actually go on the tour! The exhibit is split into seven different zones – and once you walk in, you are greeted by this gorgeous wall, that literally aims to bring you on a walk through time!


And once you get to the end… Earth awaits!


I was impressed already! Walking through the crack, you get to observe the various layers of the earth and learn how the dynamism beneath the surface contributes to the dynamism you see above the surface!


But kids being kids, Jay was more interested in seeing if there was anything beyond the core…


The mirror on the floor gave a pretty cool effect that there was really “more” under our feet, which kept the kiddos gingerly checking it out!

We continued on our Journey with Kim, the tour guide for the day…



Kim illustrating how the continents used to be joined together, and having a mini jigsaw puzzle for the kids to try it out.

And while she probably did a smashing job for the rest of the time, unfortunately kids and standing around listening don’t really go together, and Jay was more interested in just getting it on. Pressing some buttons. Seeing things move. Stuff like that.


Jay was checking out some rock samples. Like a pro.


This is another exhibit that kept the kids’ going back over and over again. It is a tsunami simulator, and showcasing the three different ways a tsunami occurs, and once you select the option, you can see how the wave would look like in the miniature tank.


Very cool.


A volcano simulator, which also tests your judgement call on when to call for an evacuation!

One of the key exhibits is an earthquake simulator… in the form of a living room!


The interesting thing about this exhibit was that it showcased the various “shaking” effect you would experience if you experienced a quake while in a house built on solid ground, soft ground (which reminded me of a Bible parable… haha!) as well as if you were in a high-rise.

For Jay, he enjoyed the shaking! Haha!

Aaah… but the one exhibit that Jay LOVED? And which he expended quite a lot of energy on?


See? He’s a fast blur here!

It is a seismic indicator, and the more movement on this exhibit, the higher the needle would jump. Needless to say, it brought out the very competitive nature in Jay. Haha!


Before you leave, don’t forget to pen down a note to appreciate the team for their very hard work in this special board…


I know Jay sure had fun with this too!


Thanks once again to the Science Centre for this Preview, and I’d be looking forward to our next trip to the Science Centre!

If you’d like to visit this exhibit, come by the Science Centre from 1 March 2012 onwards. Earth – Our Untamed Planet is at Hall B, and will be open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., with the usual Science Centre admission rates applying.

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