Sunday, March 04, 2012

An excavation expedition

Nic and I have this unspoken rule, that we’d generally try to get Jayvon a toy or souvenir whenever we bring him to a new and interesting place. So he has got knick-knacks from our overseas trips – and seeing the animal magnets on the fridge also helps him remember those outings. We’ve bought Daddy & Mummy Elephant cups from the Singapore Zoo, a toucan plushie from the Bird Park… you get the idea!

And when it comes to the Science Centre, I mean, dinosaurs and earthquakes and all the button-pushing and knob-turning’s fun, but Jay adores the Gift Shop! So when I last went to the Science Centre, I was swayed by my little boy to get him another toy. For my palaeontologist-in-training.


Just to be clear… Jay ADORES this toy. Almost as much as his Daddy dreads it! Haha!

See? Mr. Stegosaurus had a predecessor in our house. Meet Mr. Brachiosaurus – who also looked on at the proceedings of the excavation.


Daddy toiled for an hour that time, supervised by Jay who told Daddy to “continue” after he was tired. After five minutes. Which is the reason why Daddy was so enthusiastic about the Stegosaurus.


See that pinkish block?

That is Mr. Stegosaurus. The “excavation tools” Jay uses is a mini-hammer cum knife and a tiny paintbrush to slowly brush away the sawdust to reveal the gem within.


Jay soon got to work!


He was busy sawing, brushing, sawing, hammering, brushing away! Does Daddy to need to help? Nope! (Not yet, anyway…)


After just 10 minutes, check out the sawdust generated!


And Jay was still going strong! The entire excavation expedition took an hour to complete… and this is how the unformed Stegosaurus looked like, encased within the block…


The dinosaur, like a real expedition, comes in different parts, and once uncovered, you can fix them together like a simple 3D jigsaw. And ta-da! Meet Mr. Stegosaurus!


Jay is looking forward to our next trip to the Science Centre because… yes, you got it! He has his eye on the Triceratops. And all Nic can say is… “Thank God there’s only FIVE dinosaurs in this series!” Hahaha…

How about you? Any toys that are uber-fun for your kids and more than a tad torturous for the parents?

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