Monday, February 13, 2012

March holidays fun – plus a giveaway!

Holidays spell oodles of fun for the kid, and more importantly, a chance for parents to sleep in as well!

Well, if you’re cracking your head on what to occupy your child with this March holidays, I bring you good tidings… WOWArt Studios has rolled out an array of holiday workshops to entertain and occupy the kids!

W SIN STU dm_A4_mar2012

W SIN STU dm_A4_mar2012

From March 12 to 16, the Kids on Canvas (requiring 2 working passes each) and Wow! Workshops will be sure to stir some creativity juices in your child.

Jay attends the regular term classes at WOWArt, and given how very, erm, creatively-challenged I was in school at the subject of art, I honestly never expected Jay to have much of an affection with art. But he has surprised me time and time again with his love for the art classes!

Enjoy an early bird discount of 5% if you sign up for the classes before March 11!

But hey, more good news awaits!

WOWArt is offering a free workshop for Jayvon… and guess what? One lucky reader will also get the chance to attend this same workshop with Jayvon – absolutely free of charge!

Here’s how to win your free session, together with Jay:

  1. “Like” SANses’ Facebook Page – SANses, a Mummy Blogs.
  2. “Like” WowArt’s Facebook Page as well.
  3. Leave a comment below to be in the running for the free workshop class!

That’s it! Easy-peasy!

Who can enter?

Anyone! But your kid (or your nephew/niece/random stranger you will be bringing to the session should be between 2.5 & 12 years old). Jay, at four years old, can attend either age group, which also means this is open to more children!

You can choose which workshop you’d like to attend, and I’ll accommodate  to the date/time that suits you!

This giveaway ends on Sunday, 26 February 2011, 2359 hours, and the winner will be announced after that!

Congratulations to IRENE! I look forward to meeting you for the class with your son! :) Email been sent to you!

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