Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Counting my blessings

Having one kid was rough and tough, and when we decided to have the second, we anticipated the toughness and the roughness…

The sleepless nights, the wallet strains, the mucus-wiping and butt-cleaning. The fatigue, the body aches (oh wait, that might be just the age), and did I mention the mucus-wiping and the butt-cleaning? Oh, I did? Yes, and the mummy-nesia that seals the whole deal.

But nothing really prepares us for this.


Two sleepy smiles that greet us each morning.

Peals of shared laughter over ice-cream and biscuits.

Matching clothes.

Long strolls on the beach, hand in hand, enjoying the breeze.

Watching back-to-back episodes of Dinosaur Train on the telly.

Makes up for my cutbacks in shopping (sob!) and overseas travels (double sob!)… but hey, when we see the two kiddos together, it kinda makes it all worthwhile.


Seeing my two boys interact make me roll me eyes and roll on the floor in laughter alternatively. No one ever said motherhood was good for one’s mental health. Haha!


And so I am counting my blessings today.

Two huge ones, to be exact. Healthy, happy, chatty, endearing.

Thank you, God.

I love it whenever Jay randomly, in the middle of doing something else, looks up, looks at me and goes, “I love you, Mummy.” Like totally unsolicited. My jaw kinda drops, my heart stops a second, and I smile back, “I love you too, baby!” I used to have to squeeeeeze those “I love yous” out of him like nobody’s business. And now he doles it out when I least expect it. Of course, doing so gets him a “free pass” whenever he does something naughty. Which for a 4-year-old is about… everyday. Oh, and when Xav gets in on this trick, I expect some fun times ahead.

Singles may think hearing those three magical words from that special someone is the be-all-and-end-all. Wait till you become a parent.

And of course now the question on everyone’s mind is… “So when’s your number 3 coming?”

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