Monday, February 06, 2012

Rainbow Bear’s Dinosaur Discovery

Dinosaurs are truly my little boy’s favourite, and a few days ago, the good people at Julia Gabriel Creations sent me a copy of their second installation of Rainbow Bear – and yes, it was a book on, you’ve guessed it, dinosaurs!

IMG_6150 “”An adventure in blends and digraphs”… and if like me you were a bit confused by this, this book is a great teaching tool in phonetics. Basically Jay currently is able to sound the letters of the alphabets, but when you place (or blend) two consonants together, it makes a different sound which this book strives to teach – like “th” or “sh” or “tr”…

The book also comes with a CD and a songbook, which comes in useful, cos it repeats the words in the book (read in Standard English pronunciation) and also has songs that the kids can sing along too!

I read the book to Jay, and he was enthralled by the gorgeous photos of dinos!


Last Saturday, we also made our way to Forum the Shopping Mall for The Dinosaur Stomp! event, and Jay had a blast there!


Entertained by Reuben & Mark, who taught the kids how to do the Dinosaur Stomp, their antics left Jay in peals of laughter!


He came back and practiced his new-found dance moves the whole day!

But the highlight was surely this: Julia Gabriel came up to read out a portion of the book to the children, and Rainbow Bear was also around!



The children were brought to a magical world of dinosaurs, and Jay was absolutely captivated as the dinosaurs came to life!



All in all, it was a fun morning spent, and I am happy that his love for dinosaurs would mean a good opportunity for me to teach him some new letter sounds!

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