Friday, March 30, 2012

The Dinosaur A to Z, Jayvon-style

Have you been to a dinosaur museum lately?

I think I can start charging a entrance fee, to allow people into J’s little dinosaur museum! He adores the fierce-looking dinosaurs, but he is also obsessed with the a little cartoon series known as the Dinosaur Train.

Check out his collection…


I enjoy the Dinosaur Train, as they teach kids all the fun facts of dinosaurs in each episode. In fact, I can memorise the ENTIRE opening sequence. And so can Jay. In fact, he trumps me here.

I love how he does W, X, Y & Z! Hahaha!

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BeanBean said...

Sounds like an interesting programme! I have yet to subscribe to the kids' channels on cable, so am clueless. Actually wanted to say that if you travel to Sydney, you have to go to The Australian Museum with your Dino lover. It's a great natural history museum with a great dinosaur display. Noah loved it.