Friday, April 06, 2012

Understanding Good Friday, Jayvon-style

I met one of Jay’s Sunday School teachers, and she was relating to me how he seemed so disinterested when she was telling the class about Good Friday… and all through it, he looked bored and even tried to distract his friends as well!


But then again, without knowing that incident at school happened, Jay brought up the subject of Good Friday casually with me.

Jay: Why did the bad people put Jesus on the cross?

Me: Because they didn’t like what Jesus said and what He taught the people.

Jay: Why?

Me: Because they didn’t understand Him, baby.

Jay: So Jesus died? He is dead now?

Me: Yes He died. But then God made Him come to life again! He isn’t dead now. He is alive.

Jay: HAH?

Me: Amazing, right? No one has ever been resurrected, and God resurrected Jesus.

Jay: So where is Jesus now?

Me: In heaven, baby.

Jay: Hmm... (pauses and considers) Okay.

Some concepts are hard for a kid to understand. And harder for a parent to explain. Haha!

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