Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Night-night time

One of my favourite Mummy moments is bed-time with the kids. Those last-minute hugs & kisses. Listening to Jayvon relate hilarious snippets of his day at school or the interesting dinosaur fact he dug up earlier. Hearing Jayvon pray the funniest things that only such a young mind can conjure up. Watching as Xavier starts "zoning out" minutes before falling asleep. Tickled by how my two boys attempt to play peek-a-boo over the mountain that is Mummy, and how they make each other squeal in laughter over through tiniest burp and hiccup. Watching over my two princes as they finally succumb to their fatigue... And praying for them to grow up healthy and happy, and to love & serve God.

One of my dreaded Mummy moments is bed-time with the kids. The never-ending cheeky one-liners. The stern look I have to give them that oozes, "You'd better be asleep in 10 minutes buddy or else..." The constant reminders to stop fidgeting. And to stop talking. And that peek-a-boo thing's fun... For the first 5 minutes. And then I remember the work waiting for me to do AFTER they turn in for the night... And it ain't as fun anymore.

Parenting is one wild ride, to say the least!

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Ally said...

I agreed with you totally. Right now, I am on ml so after they turned in, I usually chat with my hubby. When I start back to go work, I think I am going to stay up late. Praying hard that I won't need to bring back work.