Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My almost one-year-old

Xavier is approaching that “ripe old age” of one years old, at the end of this month.

And even as I write that sentence, I know I must have entered some time warp. For it was just yesterday that I blogged on this. I am having a hard time with this… as much as I am looking forward to Xavier finally taking those first few unassisted steps (he has made a few tentative attempts so far…), and finally calling me “Mummy” (he calls me “Ma Ma” which I don’t fancy…), I am also SO going to miss my BABY. Where did my BABY go to???

I think Jayvon was about this age that I had thoughts about having another baby to well, baby.

Then I take a look at my two little adorable Energizer-bunny boys… and promptly remove that thought! Hahaha!

To end, here’s a photo of the birthday prince to-be, enjoying his Heinz biscotti!

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Madeline said...

Mine calls me mama too n every time I try to get her to say mummy she simply refuses.. I suppose they have their own nicknames for us just as we have for them. Xavier is growing up so fast!