Monday, April 30, 2012

The things he thinks of (and says!)

Jayvon has turned four. And with it, comes the funniest questions and statements his little mind can conjure up!


Here’s a small sampling…

About Jesus and heaven (after our last Good Friday talk…) & Dinosaurs (his favourite topic!)

Jay: When people die, does Jesus die too?
Me: Huh??? What do you mean, Jay?
Jay: Jesus is in our heart, right? So when you die, Jesus drops down?
(I burst out laughing here!)


Jay: Is Jesus in the dinosaur’s heart too?


Jay: Are there dinosaurs in heaven?
Me: Well, the Bible doesn’t say anything about it, so I don’t really know babe.
Jay: Why you don’t know?
Me: Well, when we get to heaven, you will know ok?


Jay: Mummy, do you know why I was laughing so much yesterday before I slept?
Me: Why?
Jay: Because I was thinking about my funny dream! You know what is my funny dream?
Me: What did you dream about?
Jay: I dreamt that Boris (the name of the T-Rex) was eating some plants! Hahahaha… so funny right? Hahahahaaaaaaaaa….
Me: Erm… ok…


Jay: Jesus can fly Mummy?
Me: What do you mean?
Jay: You said Jesus went to heaven right? So he can fly? Like the pteranodon? (a large flying dino)
Me: Well, the Bible says Jesus rose to heaven, so it is something like flying but He went higher than any eagle or pteranadon.


Well, I can’t be prouder of my little boy… though there are times he can drive me up (and down and up and down) the walls, he is a smart, confident little man! He never fails to crack me up!

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