Sunday, April 22, 2012

Slow to get onboard, but hey, I’m in now!

It must have been sitting there for four weeks now.

My Happycall Pan, I mean.

But I am SO GLAD I finally came on board the Happycall ship – and I am SOLD on this awesome piece of kitchen appliance.


This was my creation, taking a page off Ellena’s Caramel Chicken & Potato recipe. Cos Jayvon loves to eat chicken drumstick off the bone, I put in 4 chicken thighs (cooking for 3 adults and 1 hungry boy), instead of just 1/2 a chicken.

Oh it was so yummy Jayvon polished off his entire plate of rice! Me? I had to restrain and remind myself of my low-carb diet. Hahaha!

And while I generally don’t enjoy potato (save for fries and chips), the caramelized potato slices here were divine.

And so I am pumped to scour for more easy-to-prepare and fast-to-cook dishes to make with my trusty HCP and brand new oven!

Here’re some of my go-to blogs and webpages for yummy recipes:

I enjoy overseas food bloggers – just that it is sometimes pretty tough to find the ingredients their recipes call for in our local supermarkets. So these local bloggers are perfect for someone who cannot improvise on recipes (I need to go by the book, I tell ya).

Any other cooking tips you can share? :)

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Anonymous said...

Looks yummy. Which size pan did you get?