Friday, May 18, 2012

Jurassic (World) War (Right at home)

I love my games, and once upon a long time ago I used to play Bridge with a group of friends. Of cos, you understand, that I am talking about pre-Jayvonian days here. Like how I used to play Scrabble and Boggle during my University days. And how I love playing Cranium, Saboteur and other games with friends now!

Recently, I had the chance to get a few games for Jay to try out, courtesy of Pamela from My First Games.


Seriously. Jay loves this game, if only for that ferocious T-Rex on the cover of the game! While it was recommended that this game be for 8 year olds and above, the game play was simple enough for Jay (a 4 year old) to grasp, and the fierce-looking dinosaurs (all so familiar to him, courtesy of the Dinosaur Train DVD series he watches religiously).

There are a total of 20 dinosaurs – 10 carnivores and 10 herbivores, and the cards were to be randomly & equally distributed to the players. Jay was busy examining the cards, and “announcing” he wanted to have the T-Rex & Triceratops cards!. Of course, I told him we had to shuffle and distribute the cards equally.


There were also 10 Combat cards – giving an extra boost when played!


The 3 Time Line cards also added another dimension to the game.


We then tried out one round – Daddysaurus vs Jayvonosaurus.


Jayvon selected his favourite T-Rex, and Daddy played his Ankylosaurus card. (Bad shot cos the photographer – Mummynosaurus – was busy reading and refereeing the game!)

The red/green diamond shapes on each card indicates how many of that coloured dice you are allowed to play against your opponent. Maximum of 3 red and 4 green dice.


Each red die has TWO “hit” sides, and each green die has only ONE “hit” side. If the opponents have the same number of hits, they both throw again. If one has more hits than the other, the difference in hits represents the die/dice “lost”… and the winner is determined when the opponent’s dice run out!

First throw: Jay had two hits vs Daddy’s one hit… and by the end of 4 throws, Daddy’s ankylosaurus was defeated!


Jay was so serious, and insisted on throwing each die separately and squealed in delight at every hit, and asked for a rethrow every time he came up blank! Haha… Mummy-referee allowed some rethrows. :P

In the end, it was four straight rounds of Daddy’s dinosaurs being annihilated, before Daddy made some headway.

Any favourite kids’ games you have?

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