Saturday, May 12, 2012

To all the mothers…

Valentine’s Days… Birthdays… Anniversaries. And four years ago, I added another important date to my calendar: Mother’s Day.


I must admit that having two kids wasn’t part of my agenda. But after Jay came along, and we kind of got the “hang” of things, we decided having a second one would be a pretty cool idea. And we were blasé about it, and kinda left it in the hands of God whether or not our second would come about.

And X happened.


And while life had settled into some routine after Jay, the arrival of Xav pretty much landed us back in square one. Haha!

Oh, but what a wonderful journey.

Seeing the two boys interact, scream, play, fight, pinch, hug each other (often in quick succession) and then squeal in delight and frustration … how amazing sibling bonding is!

I’ve always joked with my friends who are not parents yet, that when you become a parent, sleep becomes underrated. Haha… Well, being a parent puts more than just sleep on hold. Your social life becomes sparser, your meal times more hurried, movies become a distant memory … and all new awesome memories are forged. I am thankful to God today that I get to mother two awesome boys!

To all the very special Mummies out there…


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