Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Rolleyes… Feel the vibe!

On Sunday, I found myself in a middle of a professional kitchen, in a room full of other bloggers.

The venue? Creative Culinaire.

The purpose of the gathering? The launch of an all-new Singapore online platform which offers reviews on food establishments but with a twist… All the reviews are done visually!

Presenting… Rolleyes!


I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation of this brand new website, and love the concept. If a picture paints a thousand words, imagine what a video will do? From the comfort of your own home, you will get a chance to experience the atmosphere and vibe of the featured restaurants!

The website has 4 different categories of food places – Restaurants, Cafes, Chill-Outs and Specialities. Chef’s Tips is also a good resource to garner some “secret” tips by the chefs themselves! Want to know how to slice a mango easily? There’s a video on that! How to choose fresh oysters? Yet another video!Share also offers tips and other recipes – and yes, all in video form as well. The website will also feature special offers for subscribers from the featured food places, so you can expect some pretty good deals!

And the launch was held at Creative Culinaire, where Chef Judy also took the chance teach us how to bake… get this… a Zucchini Chocolate Cake!


With fellow Mummy bloggers Madeline, Susan & Delphine, we tackled the relatively simple recipe. I adore chocolate cake, and so does my Jayvon! Haha… But the twist to this… is obviously in the zuchinni. To those who are a tad clueless, here’s how a zuchinni looks like.

And yes. We put THAT into a chocolate cake. How’s that for sneaking veggies into a kid’s plate? Haha! Chef Judy explained to us that the zucchini was used to replace the use of butter – an indeed, the proportion of butter to zucchini is almost 50-50!

Well… How did it turn out?

Piping in the cupcakes!

The pretty cupcakes ready for the oven!

Voila! It’s official… We’re bakers! (for the day, that is)

After the cakes cooled, we were decorated by lavishing some melted chocolate over the top!

My mum loves baking, and we’ve always enjoyed her pineapple tarts and sinfully yummy kueh lapis whenever it is Christmas or Chinese New Year. Unfortunately, this baking “touch” seemed to have skipped her daughters. But it’s always been my wish to be baking! And so with a new oven for my birthday and inspiring classes like this, it looks to be the stars are aligned for some baking in my near future!

But the proof is in the tasting. Of the cupcake.


Jay’s breakfast the next morning… and he loved it! Yummy and healthy? Can’t ask for much, really.


Look carefully – and you won’t find any trace of the veggie. Perfect camouflage!

Thanks once again goes to Rolleyes for generously organizing this, and Chef Judy and Creative Culinaire for a afternoon of fun! Don’t forget to subscribe to Rolleyes, and you even get yourself a sweet treat – sticky candies!

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