Sunday, July 08, 2012

Doc McStuffins is in the house!

Last week, Jay and I were invited to attend the preview screening of Disney Junior’s newest show – Doc McStuffins! Doc is a delightful little 6-year-old girl who talks to and heals her toys!


It was a delightful afternoon, and the kids and mummies were treated to the first few episodes of this series. I enjoyed Doc’s conversations with her toy sidekicks  - Stuffy (the dragon), Lambie, Hallie (the hippo), and my personal favourite - Chilly, the hypochondriac snowman! She also manages to teach the kiddos important concepts like staying hydrated and good hygiene habits!


Jay was enthralled with the TV! (As he went on a date with another hot chick, Anya)… Haha!


I also had the opportunity to meet up with other blogger mummies from SMB!

We even tried to take a group shot together… but with a bunch of hyperactive kiddos, it proved an ambitious task!


As the other SMB mummies were called in, we started getting more and more kiddos added to the shot!


And though it looks like these shots were all taken within minutes – the truth was it was within seconds. Which begs the question: How does my boy travel up and down the stairs so fast? Haha!


And now with the mummies all in!


As a takeaway, we were also given a copy of the Disney Junior magazine!


And Jay couldn’t wait till we got home, and he was happily engrossed in the colourful pages all the way home on the cab! He kept asking me how to do the various activities, and was happy he could understand most of the instructions, and could do them properly.



Thanks, Disney Junior, for an afternoon of fun with the Doc!

Doc McStuffins premieres on Monday July 9, 9.30am, only on Disney Junior (Starhub Channel 311), with repeat telecasts at 1.15pm and 8pm the same day.

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