Monday, July 09, 2012

Charly T’s food journey

Last week, I had a chance to go for a food tasting with my little boy Jay, at a restaurant at 112 Katong called Charly T’s - and we had the chance to meet up with fellow Mummy blogger Klessis there too!

I was happy to have a chance to bring Jay along – cos he is a real meat-lover! I’ve heard some pretty good reviews on the food at Charly T’s, so I was quite excited to go for this meal. Our host Janice introduced the restaurant and the inspiration for the dishes on offer was basically from the owner’s (Charly T himself) journeys around the world.


We took a quick tour around the restaurant, and I was pleasantly surprised to see a small al fresco area at the back of the restaurant (together with a flat screen – making it a pretty cool place to catch some football matches), a private room for 6 people, and this special wall display…


The restaurant provides colour pencils and paper for the kiddos to occupy them, and puts up the nice ones on this “wall of fame”! What a great kid-friendly idea. (I love this place already…) And of course my little Picasso got to doing some colouring.


And the feasting also begun! First up, we tried the restaurant’s signature dish – the Rotisserie Chicken, which comes in four different flavours: Original, Kampong Chicken, Kansas City BBQ and Black Pepper. We tried the Original & BBQ ones.


The meat literally came off the bones under my fork. And no wonder, since the chickens are marinated for a good 13 hours before cooking. Loved it! Jay also enjoyed the succulent chicken – and our favourite was the Original, coupled with the various sauce accompaniments. The rotisserie chickens also come with 2, 3 or 4 additional sides (depending on whether you are having the quarter, half or whole chicken), and we had a chance to sample the sides too.


As simple as these dishes looked, there were really pretty yummy. The steamed fresh veggies were prepared ala minute (only when ordered, so they were still nice and crunchy – as opposed to soggy and oily); the butter garlic rice was warm and a recipe inspired by Charly’s mom; the German potato salad; and my personal fave – the macaroni & cheese! There are some secret ingredients inside this dish – fresh cauliflowers & red bell peppers – and using less cheese to make this a healthier dish for the kiddos!

Next up – Kalua Pork, inspired by a Honolulu dish. Sinful to the max… but oh-so-good. Jay was feeling full after stuffing himself with chicken, and he reluctantly opened up his mouth for a small mouthful of the pork… and asked for seconds, thirds, fourths after that!


We also sampled their burgers!


The Jumbo Schnitzel Burger.


Charly T’s Beef Burger.

Both burgers were done nicely – but I have a feeling my hubby will love the Beef burger, with the very generous (and thick) beef patty, and the yummiest garlic toasted bread ever!

And we were stuffed by then. Really stuffed. Even Jay said he was ready to go home. But see? There was dessert, and so Kless & I rather reluctantly agreed to sample some. And then this came.


Kaiserschmarrn. Yes, that tongue-twister is the name of the dish. And if you ever make your way to Charly T’s, you simply have to have this. No matter how full you may think you are. Haha! Loosely translated as “Emperor’s Mishmash”, these are warm pancakes, with caramelised raisins, topped with homemade French Vanilla icecream.

As a special treat for Jay, he even got a Cake Pop.


And he devoured it up!


All in all, it was a fun and belly-satisfying evening!

Charly T’s
Address: 112 East Coast Road #03-15, 112 Katong, Singapore 428802
Tel No: 6636 4701
Website & Facebook Page

Disclaimer: Jay & I were invited by FoodNews & Charly T’s for this food tasting. All opinions are 100% my own.

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