Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A new bag

Jay, in his last 2.5 years in childcare, has gone through about… 2 bags. That is amazingly frugal (by Mummy’s standard). Both bags had to be changed cos of extreme wear and tear (as can be expected of a four-year-old!). The last one, a Transformers bag, had its zip entirely zigzagged out, so he had to bring a bag with this huge gaping hole at the top for about two full days (while Mummy was a bit too busy to pop over to the shopping centre for a replacement).

We popped over to Isetan, and we casually strolled past a display of Deuter bags, and I saw some child-sized ones. “Perfect for Jay!” I thought. So we walked up and Jay excited started trying out some of the bags. He had his eye on the fact that the bags had those “front straps” – a feature the usual kiddy bags don’t include.

It looked like we had the chosen one!

Till I took a look at the price. You’d think after my years of shopping experience, the price would be one of the first things I look at before deciding on the purchase. The bag cost more than $60! That is more than twice the amount of the usual kiddy bags. Sigh…

I tried to distract Jay by showing him other, ahem, cheaper designs, but there were none he liked (he wasn’t into Chuggington or Ben 10 or Mickey Mouse… unfortunately!) and so there was little choice. This is his bag.


Well, a bag is a back-to-school essential, is it not? And he loves it so much, he insists on carrying his own bag all the time! (Yes… even at home. Giving me mileage for my money spent!)


And what’s in his school bag?

Well, the normal … 2 changes of clothes, a diaper (though he is toilet-trained for naps, so the teacher doesn’t always change him into it), his water bottle to keep him hydrated, and most importantly – a small cup of cereal or biscuits just in case he gets a little hungry!

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